1. This form must be filled out by the GOLD Medal Winners only.
  2. Please double-check your information before submitting this form.
  3. You will not receive a confirmation email after submitting this form. Do not fill out the form again, or do not send an email asking for confirmation.
  4. Shipping address is required for sending original medals and hard copy certificates.
  5. The shipping address can be either your home, your parent's office, or your school address.
  6. This form must be completed by 15 June 2023 and will be inaccessible following that date.
  7. Those who do not fill out the form will be considered to have waived their rights to receive the medal and certificate.
  8. This link has been sent to the relevant students only. Do not share this link with anyone else.

Delivery and Shipping Information;

>Original medals and hard copy certificates
 will be sent via standard shipping by Deutsche Post between 1 and 15 September 2023. The delivery time ranges between 3 and 8 weeks. Hi-Lingua accepts no responsibility for problems that may arise in the local postal services of countries, and re-shipments are not possible.

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