Fees & Payment Policy

1. Participation fee in the Hi-Lingua Competition is 25 € for each language exam.

2. Each selected exam in the ​Semi-Final Round requires a separate payment.

3. Participation in the Final Round is free of charge for qualified students.

4. Paid exam(s) can not be canceled or refunded.

5. Students who are unable to take the exam due to unforeseen circumstances will not be offered an alternative or make-up exam, and there will be no refund for the missed exam.

6. Payments are received by a global payment processing platform Stripe by a credit or debit card. The applicant's card information can not be seen or stored by the​ Hi-Lingua Competition under any circumstances.

7. Duplicate Payment Issue:
 >> You may encounter a payment issue as a result of the internet, your bank or the actions you take on the payment screen. Should there be an issue;
    - First of all, please check whether the money has been withdrawn from your bank account (or credit card account). If not, retry the payment process.
    - If the payment has been withdrawn but does not appear on the panel, please contact us via contact form.
    - If you pay for the same exam twice because the first payment does not show up on your screen, the second payment will be refunded after the
      transaction fees are deducted. (The refund in this case will be 17,50 €)
 >> If a teacher and a student each made a separate payment for two different accounts that were created on behalf of the student:
    - The refund amount will be 17,50 € due to the transaction fees.

8. Each student should have only one account. It is not required to create a new account for the same student in order to select the second or third exams.