About Hi-Lingua Language Competition

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There are approximately 7 billion 837 million people living on the planet. The languages on the Hi-Lingua platform, English, Spanish, French, and German, are spoken by approximately 1 billion 160 million people worldwide.

Learning a language has become much easier and more accessible as technology and the internet network have advanced. Many people who are interested in learning a language now have the opportunity to do so for free or at a low cost. Today, it is well known that the young population is aiming to learn at least one or two languages other than their mother tongue, depending on where they live.

Hi-Lingua is a fun learning and competition platform that unites 4 languages, offering students born between 2004 and 2015 the chance to improve their language skills, fostering a love for languages and promoting linguistic diversity.

Hi-Lingua serves as a platform for individuals to demonstrate their language expertise, learn from their peers, and gain recognition for their linguistic abilities. It plays a vital role in promoting language education and cultural exchange on a global scale.