Is there any requirement for participation in the Hi-Lingua Language Competition?
- This language competition is open to students born between 1 January 2004 and 31 December 2015.  

What are the requirements for advancing to the Final Round? How many students will be selected to participate in the Final Round Exams?
- The top 10 students in each age group and language category will qualify for the Final Round based on the results of the Semi-Final Round Exams. The total of 30 students in each language category will be eligible to participate in the Final Round.

Is there a study resource available for the Hi-Lingua Language Competition?
- ​There is no specific resource designated for studying for this language competition. Participants are advised to carefully review and follow the guidelines provided in the following link:

Will the exams in all 4 languages be held at the same time? Is it possible to take the exam in more than 1 language?
- A student can compete in more than one language since the Semi-Final Round Exams will be held on two consecutive days, as follows:
    ​​16 March 2024 > German and Spanish Exams Date
    17 March 2024 > English and French Exams Date

Can I retake the exam if I miss the exam due to an emergency or can I get my exam fee refunded?
- Students who are unable to take the exam for any reason will not be offered an alternative or make-up exam. Those who miss or fail to take the exam will lose their right to participate. There will be no refund for the missed exam.

Is it required to have a Zoom connection during the exam? Do I have to turn on the camera?
- Yes, the camera must be turned on and a zoom connection must be established during the exams. The student ID must be used as the display name on Zoom. The profile pictures and zoom camera recordings of the students who score highest will be controlled in particular. Students who do not have a camera or a zoom connection will be unable to receive this degree and award even if they receive the highest score in the exam. Zoom connection and exam entry can both be done on the same device during the Semi-Final Round Exams. 

What if the internet connection is lost during the exam? Is it possible to reconnect? Will this result in a cancellation of the exam?
- If your internet connection is lost during the exam, you can reconnect and continue the exam from where you left off. Your exam will reopen with all of your answers saved. Your exam will not be cancelled. If you cannot reconnect within the exam period, your exam will be evaluated according to the questions you answered. There is no option to retake the exam once it has been completed.