Exam Conditions


1. Exams will be held ONLINE.

2. Participation fee in the Hi-Lingua Language Competition is 25 € for each language exam in the ​Semi-Final Round. Participation in the Final Round Exams is free of charge for the ​qualifying students.

3. Participants can choose one or more languages among English, French, Spanish and German to take part in the competition. In this case, he/she must pay a separate fee of 25 € for each exam.

4.  Each language exam in the Semi-Final Round contains 80 questions in total, with 20 multiple-choice questions at each level. (Beginners - 20 q. + Movers - 20 q. + Runners - 20 q. + Flyers - 20 q. = Total 80 q.)

5. Each language exam lasts 90 minutes.

6. Zoom connection is required during the exam. The camera must be turned on and the student ID must be used as the display name.

7. The exams will be held via the Hi-Lingua Student ​Portal. ​There will be no additional exam links sent via email.

8. All participants will start the exam at the Beginners level regardless of grade, age or language level. Students who answer a minimum of 10 out of the 20 questions on the exam will be eligible to continue to the next level.

9. ​Semi-Final Round Exam Dates:
    ​16 March 2024 > German and Spanish Exams Date
    17 March 2024 > English and French Exams Date

10. ​Semi-Final Round exams will be open for 8 hours on the specified exam dates, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in each country's local time. Students can take exams from the languages of their choice at any time during this period.

11.  Each question is 1.25 points. A student who successfully answers all the questions will receive 100 points. (1.25 points x 80 Q. = 100 points). However, for each incorrect answer, 2 points will be deducted from the participant's final score.

12. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation in the ​Semi-Final Round Exams of the Hi-Lingua Language Competition.

13. The top 10 students in each age group and language category will qualify for the Final Round based on the results of the ​Semi-Final Round Exams. The total of 30 students in each language category will be eligible to participate in the Final Round.


1.  The Final Round will take place via a video conference where participants will interact with the examiners. ​Eligible candidates will receive an email containing guidelines for scheduling an interview, along with the interview criteria.

2. ​Final Round Date (Interview): 06 - 07 April 2024

3. It is required to have an active Zoom camera connection during the ​video conference in the ​Final Round. The camera must be turned on during the exam and Student ID must be used as the display name. Technical requirements in this regard will be announced prior to exams.

4. Students who fail to attend the interview appointment for any reason will not be provided with an alternative appointment.

5. The Final Round score is calculated by combining 50% of the ​Semi-Final Round scores with the Interview scores which is maximum 50 points. The highest achievable score in the Final Round is 100 points.
[50% of the​ ​Semi-Final Round Exam Score + Interview Score (max. 50 p.)]