General Conditions

1. The organization's official language is English. The registration panel, instructions, announcements and exam platform information on the website are all in English.

2. Hi-Lingua Language Competition is only open to students who are learning foreign languages. Students whose mother tongue is English, French, Spanish or German are not permitted to take the exam in ​their mother language. (For example, if your mother tongue is "English," you can only take the exam in French, German or Spanish.)

3. This language competition is open to students born between 1 January 2004 and 31 December 2015.

4.  Students can register for the exams individually. Registration or approval by a school or teacher is not required. Those who want to register as a school should create a teacher account and then follow the student registration process.

5. Hi-Lingua Language Competition consists of 3 rounds:
    1) Semi-Final Round
    2) Final Round (Interview)
    3) ​Global Round - The Hague, Netherlands

6. Hi-Lingua exams in all 4 language categories consist of 4 levels in the Semi-Final Round:
    > Beginners
    > Movers
    > Runners
    > Flyers

7. Each language exam in the Semi-Final Round contains 80 questions in total, with 20 multiple-choice questions at each level.
(Beginners - 20 q. + Movers - 20 q. + Runners - 20 q. + Flyers - 20 q. = Total 80 q.)

8. Students who answer a minimum of 10 out of the 20 questions on the exam will be eligible to continue to the next level.

9. Language exams are separate and independent of each other. 

10.  Participation fee in the Hi-Lingua competition is 25 € for each language category. 

11. A student can participate in the competition in more than one language. In this case, he/she must pay a separate fee of 25 € for each exam.

12. The results are announced separately in 3 age groups according to each language exam:
    ​AGE GROUP 1 > students born between 2004 - 2007
    AGE GROUP 2 > students born between 2008 - 2011
    AGE GROUP 3 > students born between 2012 - 2015

13. Students who are unable to take the exam for any reason will not be offered an alternative or make-up exam. There will be no refund for the missed exam.

14. It is mandatory to have a Zoom connection and a camera turned on during the exams.

15. The exams will be held via the Hi-Lingua Student Portal. ​There will be no additional exam links sent via email.

16. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation or a certificate of achievement.

17. Hi-Lingua reserves the right to change the exam hours and conditions at any time. Participants must follow the announcements before the exams.