Dear Teachers,

The purpose of this form is to offer discounts depending on the number of registrations for schools aiming to register over 10 students.

In order for schools to be eligible for this discount, they must make an advance payment based on the number of registrations they choose. Subsequently, a discount code will be issued based on the discount amount.

The registration process will be monitored by teachers through the supervisor account.

If you wish to register more than 10 students and participate in the Hi-Lingua by making a full prepayment, you can fill out the form below:


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Teacher Name
Teacher Email
(Please consult your accounting department for the necessary information to be included on the invoice. Kindly provide all the information requested by your accounting department in the form.)

Discount rates depending on number of registration:
Between 10-24 / 4 € discount
Between 25-49 / 5 € discount
Between 50-99 / 6 € discount
Between 100-149 / 7 € discount
Between 150-199 / 8 € discount
Between 200-249 / 9 € discount
250 and more / 10 € discount

Selected Value: 10
Representing the school, I accept to track student registration fees and make advance payments with invoices.