1. Official Language:
    The official language for all correspondence, organizational matters is English.

  2. The Hi-Lingua GF Summer Adventure will feature challenges and exams in all 4 language categories of the Hi-Lingua Language Competition.

  3. Challenges and exams are organized based on age groups and language categories.

  4. Registration and Supervision:
    Students must be registered for the Hi-Lingua GF Summer Adventure by the teachers who will accompany them as supervisors. Each teacher must register a minimum of 6 students.

  5. Qualification Requirements:
    Participation in the Hi-Lingua GF Summer Adventure does not require a special degree or a minimum score in the online rounds of the Hi-Lingua Language Competition.

  6. Participant Quota:
    The Hi-Lingua GF Summer Adventure has a participant quota of 250 individuals.

  7. Country Allocation:
    Quotas will be distributed among countries based on the number of registered countries. The maximum number of participants accepted from each country is 24 students and 3 teachers. Invitations will be extended to groups on the waiting list if availability remains in the general quota.

  8. Eligibility:
    Participation in the GF Summer Adventure is open to all students in grades 3 through 11. There are no age-related criteria. Students in grades 3 and 4 are allowed to join the Grand Final alongside an accompanying adult (parent, relative, or teacher), while students in grades 5 to 11 can participate only with their supervisors.

  9. Financial Support for Teachers:
    Expenses for teachers excluding visa, insurance and flight fees during the Hi-Lingua GF Summer Adventure program are covered by the Olympiad committee and sponsors.

  10. Committee Authority:
    The Hi-Lingua Olympiad Committee reserves the right to modify the concept and rules of the organization at any time to enhance effectiveness and satisfaction.