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Unlock Games:

An extensive game about the Escape Room Scheveningen. It's time to start the challenge with your team. Stay focused and keep everything under control, mistakes are disastrous! Some tools are provided, but the mission only has a chance of success through flawless cooperation with your team.

Sea Life:

Sea Life Scheveningen is a large public aquarium in Scheveningen (The Hague), opened in 1993. Sea Life Scheveningen is part of the international chain Sea Life, the largest aquarium operator in the world.

The building is located on the beachfront promenade where the wave pool used to be. There are often exhibitions on certain subjects such as tropical fish, lobsters, crabs, jellyfish and starfish. There is also a large glass tunnel through an aquarium, in which you can really imagine yourself among the fish. This is also the oldest tunnel aquarium in the Netherlands.


Naturalis Biodiversity Center is a national museum of natural history on biodiversity in Leiden, Netherlands. It was named the European Museum of the Year 2021. Although its current name and organization are relatively recent, the history of Naturalis can be traced back to the early 1800s. Its collection includes approximately 42 million specimens, making it one of the largest natural history collections in the world.

Corpus Human Body :

Discover how your ingenious body works in CORPUS ‘journey through the human body’! In the 5D heart theatre, take a trilling ‘journey’ as a red blood cell, take a breath in the lungs, jump on the tongue, walk through the ear, admire the brain and be generally amazed by our own fantastic body.

Efteling Park 'Full Day Fun'

Efteling has been an enchanting organisation for more than seventy years. Apart from professionalism and creativity, guest orientation is one of the motivations for the Efteling Theme Park Resort. With more than five million visitors a year, the park is one of the best European amusement parks.

Summer AdvEnture Optional Events (not included in the price)


Madurodam is a miniature park and tourist attraction in the Scheveningen district of The Hague in the Netherlands. It is home to a range of 1:25 scale model replicas of famous Dutch landmarks, historical cities and large developments. The park was opened in 1952 and has since been visited by tens of millions of visitors. The entirety of net proceeds from the park go towards various charities in the Netherlands.

Bungy Jump Holland :

In August 2001 the second Bungy Site on the Pier in Scheveningen was opened, allowing people to jump from a crane that was placed on top of the Tower. People jump from approximately 60 meters above sea level. It is extremely proud of being accident free for over 29 years now and believe strongly that its' safety procedures will ensure safe Bungy Jumping for the future.

The Pier SkyView :

SkyView de Pier is a 45-meter tall Ferris wheel in Scheveningen, The Hague. It was the first Ferris wheel constructed over sea in Europe, as it is on the Scheveningen Pier eight meters above the North Sea. It opened to the public on 19 August 2016.

Zipline De Pier :

The Zipline at The Pier in Scheveningen has officially been open since the 1st of April 2017. It’s the biggest Zipline in the country as it spans a distance of 350 m starting from the Bungy Tower and zipping down over the Pier, along the Ferris Wheel and back down to the beach with speeds up to 70 km.

Glow Golf Scheveningen :

At GlowGolf Scheveningen you play minigolf among pirates, swimming fish, mermaids and treasures. Experience it on unique glow-in-the-dark mini golf course. You imagine yourself indoor glow-in-the-dark minigolf course in an underwater world on a course full of adventure!

Boat tour on Amsterdam canals :

An Amsterdam canal cruise is compulsory for anybody visiting the ‘Venice of the North.’ Amsterdam is laced with 100km of waterways, so there is no better way to observe the essence of the Dutch capital than from a canal boat. Wind past points of interest such as grand merchant houses, gothic churches, museums, and medieval buildings as you soak up the city’s history with the help of an audio guide.

Anne Frank House:

The Anne Frank House is a museum with a story. As a visitor, you experience this story through quotes, photos, videos, and original items. The atmosphere in the museum is authentic and subdued.
The main house and the annexOn 6 July 1942, the Frank family went into hiding in the building at Prinsengracht 263. The building housed Otto Frank’s business. Later, they were joined by the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer. The building consisted of two parts: the main house and the annex. The eight people hid on the top floors of the annex.

Van Gogh Museum :

The Van Gogh Museum is a shining gem in the unique cultural heritage of Amsterdam. This museum is dedicated to the life and art of the world-renowned painter Vincent van Gogh, offering an immersive visit that will leave a lasting impression. In the Van Gogh Museum, you will be enchanted by the magic of art and take a step into the unique world of Vincent van Gogh. This museum, a haven for art lovers, promises unforgettable memories and an inspiring experience.