Students will have an amazing chance to put their language skills to use. Teams will compete against the time to complete tasks while gathering information from locals on the streets and beach of Scheveningen. Prepare for an exciting language challenge in real-world scenarios. An exciting language competition awaits in the vibrant atmosphere of Scheveningen's streets and beaches.


Step into exciting adventures like Mission Impossible, The Mummy's Tomb, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Teams are given an hour to complete their mission and escape the room by solving puzzles and finding clues. Clues are provided in English, German, French, and Spanish. With time running out, understanding the clues correctly is critical to discovering the secret points. Prepare yourself for another exciting challenge.


Teams will demonstrate their skills through customized performances specific to different group sizes and ages. Participants can take part in various competitions, including a Spelling Bee, Quiz Show, Commercial Creation, Storytelling, Hot Seat, and Vocabulary Games. These challenges combine entertainment and education, ensuring that the learning process is enjoyable and beneficial.


This exam offers a unique approach to language assessment covering some topics that will capture your interest while traveling in the Netherlands. Discover Corpus, Naturalis, Sea Life, and uncover The Hague's rich history and culture. Prepare for an immersive journey that resembles a documentary-style travel and discovery program.